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How To Remove Smoke Odor After a Fire

7/20/2022 (Permalink)

Soot covered bedroom Our team of restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Scottsdale North is trained to handle any size fire damage event.

How to Get Rid of Smoke Odors After a Fire

A fire can cause quite a bit of damage to your Mesa Grande, AZ, home. While smoke may not seem as obviously damaging as flames, it can still affect your house in a variety of ways. One problem that many homeowners have after a fire is a lingering odor. The smoke cleaning process uses multiple steps to remove any bad smells that might remain.

1. Clean Hard Surfaces

During a fire, smoke and soot travel throughout the building and form a film on walls, floors and other surfaces. Because hard surfaces are not easy to penetrate, cleaning them takes less time and effort. A rag and cleaning solution is often enough to get them back to their previous condition.

2. Clean or Remove Belongings With Smoke Damage

Cloth and other soft materials can easily absorb smoke which causes them to hold onto odors. Anything that cannot be restored through smoke cleaning may need to be thrown out and replaced. For smaller items, a cycle or two through the washing machine could be enough to remove the smell. Larger belongings, like furniture, may need to be dry cleaned.

3. Purify the Air

While cleaning the house and affected items will remove a lot of the smoke odor, this might not be enough to get rid of it entirely. A professional fire damage remediation service has access to equipment like ozone machines and air scrubbers that remove particles in the air that are contributing to the odor.

Cleaning and repairing your home after a fire can be a stressful and frustrating experience, particularly if you are dealing with lingering odors even after repairs. Smoke cleaning is an important step in the restoration process that can help you feel more at home in your house again. If you are unable to remove these smells on your own, there are professionals who can get the job done more easily.

5 Steps To Take if Fire Sprinklers Accidentally Go Off

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

Sprinkler System If the fire sprinkler system in your business is wrongly triggered, immediately shut off the water valve and call the experts.

If Your Fire Sprinklers Go Off By Accident, Here Are Five Things You Should Do.

Business owners always want their building's sprinkler system to trigger water if a fire breaks out. If sprinklers happen to go off by accident, however, this can result in major flooding and an extensive effort to clean and repair the damage. Here are five important steps to take in the event that fire sprinklers are accidentally activated in your Rio Verde, AZ, property.

1. Shut off Water Valve
If there is no confirmed emergency, immediately locate the water control valve on the sprinkler system. Switch off the valve to stop the flow of water through the ceiling sprinklers. Acting quickly here can reduce the total business losses as a result of the sprinkler mishap.

2. Contact Water Damage Professionals
Once the sprinklers have been shut off, call a local company that offers water cleanup and remediation services. They will quickly respond to the incident, evaluate the total flooding damage, and begin the cleanup and repair process.

3. Inform Insurance Company
The next priority should be to inform your building's insurance company of the damage and open a claim. Do this promptly to determine if the damage and losses will be covered under your policy.

4. Undergo Restoration Process
Let the building restoration crew take the lead on cleaning up the flooding. The process involves the extraction of water, removal of wet items, disinfecting the space, and drying the building. From there, any remaining issues will be repaired, such as damaged ceilings and floors.

5. Perform Routine Maintenance To Prevent Future Issues
After the damage has been addressed and the building restored, be proactive about sprinkler maintenance to avoid another accidental flood. Plan a yearly inspection of the system to make sure everything is in working order.

If the fire sprinkler system in your business is wrongly triggered, immediately shut off the water valve, call a restoration team and your insurance company, let the restoration process unfold and then schedule regular system maintenance thereafter.

3 Ways an Electronic Claims Service Supports Insurance Agents

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

Tablet and cellphone An electronic claims service provides a platform that allows everything to be uploaded, signed, and stored in one place.

Insurance Agents Benefit from an Electronic Claims Service 

When a client's business is impacted by a disaster in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ, you want to help them get back to business quickly. The challenging part of your job is collecting, organizing, and sharing all the necessary documents to satisfy every stakeholder in the insurance claim process. Here are three ways an electronic claims service supports insurance agents.

1. Organizes Claim-Related Documents

Your client needs to provide a detailed inventory of losses, photos of damages, and numerous signed forms and documents to file an insurance claim. It can be difficult to keep track of everything when you depend on email, snail-mail, and drop-offs. If a document goes missing and needs to be replaced or resigned, it can delay the client's receipt of insurance money. An electronic claims service provides a platform that allows everything to be uploaded, signed, and stored in one place and is easily accessible by everyone who needs to see the materials.

2. Keeps Insurance Agent and Service Provider Connected

SERVPRO is a preferred commercial restoration vendor for many insurance companies. They are Faster to Any Size Disaster, have a reputation for excellence, and provide quality service through an electronic claims platform. You don't need to call the franchise and wait for someone to send a document you need to complete a claim. Instead, you can quickly jump on the platform and grab the form yourself. You can communicate with the team when you have questions and easily send documents for signature.

3. Speeds Up the Claim Process for Everyone

Since an electronic claims platform centralizes all claim documents, processing the paperwork and getting money to your client is more convenient. It's unnecessary to print and mail documents, and your client doesn't have to wait to receive information in the mail. The quicker you can finalize the claims process, the faster your client can get back to work.
Filing an insurance claim doesn't have to be a headache. Using an electronic claims service, you can organize your paperwork and communicate easily with your client and the restoration team.

4 Ways To Identify and Keep Plumbing Problems at Bay

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

Burst and rusty pipe When you have discolored and rusty pipe in your Mesa Grande, AZ company call your experts.

4 Ways to Spot Plumbing Issues and Prevent Them

Water damage most often occurs when problems exist in a company’s plumbing. If left unattended, anything from a broken pipe to a faulty water main can end in costly repairs and require the services of a water damage mitigation specialist. Business owners should understand these risks and take steps to avoid them.

1. Look for Signs of Plumbing Problems

The most common signs that your company has a plumbing problem include:

  • Water that is extremely cloudy or shows coloration
  • Discolored or rusting pipes
  • Weak water flow and slow drainage
  • Water bills that spike for no known reason
  • Bubbling wall or ceiling paint
  • Unpleasant sewer odors

If you notice any of these signs, you have a plumbing problem and should contact a plumber immediately.

2. Employ the Services of a Good Plumber

As a business owner in Mesa Grande, AZ, you should employ the services of a reliable, professional plumber who can provide 24-hour emergency service if needed. It’s a good idea to employ a plumber experienced in your kind of business and who knows the kinds of plumbing problems you’re most apt to encounter.

3. Include Plumbing Maintenance in Your Company’s SOP

Coordinate regular maintenance visits with your plumber. An experienced plumber will be able to inspect your entire premises, assess the condition and potential plumbing problems, and provide recommendations on the best way to fix the problems.

4. Watch Your Water Bill

An unexpected spike in your water bill or a steady increase from month to month can indicate a hidden leak in your water system. Keep in mind that water bills generally peak in the summer with outdoor activities. Filling a swimming pool and maintaining a garden watering system will naturally result in larger water bills. If you find discrepancies in your bills, contact your plumber to take a look.

Being proactive and working with a professional plumber to identify and fix problems helps reduce the risk of your business being drowned in major water damage.

3 Reasons Your Fire Alarm Might Be Beeping

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Alarm The most common reason for a fire alarm to beep is because the battery is running low or not installed correctly.

Three Reasons Why Your Fire Alarm Is Beeping

A chirping smoke alarm in your Scottsdale, AZ, home is an annoyance. However, you never want to ignore the beeping because your alarm either needs some maintenance or something is causing it to malfunction. Here are three reasons your fire alarm might be beeping. 

1. Environmental Conditions
If your alarm continually beeps, despite your efforts to stop the noise, try moving it. Residential alarms aren't made to withstand excessive levels of steam, condensation, or humidity. Place the alarm in an area away from an HVAC register or ceiling fan to keep unnecessary air movement from interfering with the alarm's sensors. Avoid placing the alarm in a room with large temperature fluctuations. Smoke alarms work best when the room is between 40 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If the alarm sustained smoke damage from a fire, always replace it instead of reusing it. 

2. Old Fire Alarm
Smoke alarms are rated to last for seven to 10 years. So, if your alarm won't stop beeping, you could need to replace it. Every alarm has a date code stamped on the back that tells you when it was manufactured. It's essential to replace old alarms instead of continuing to use them. After some time, the alarm could stop working without you realizing it, and it wouldn't alert you if a fire happened. You could then face tremendous fire damage and hefty fees from fire restoration specialists. 

3. Battery Problems
The most common reason for a fire alarm to beep is because the battery is running low or not installed correctly. If you've changed the battery and still hear a chirp, verify that you're using the correct type of battery for your alarm and that it is firmly snapped into place. Close the battery door and ensure that you hear a click telling you it is closed completely. 

When you place alarms in the right spots, keep the batteries changed, and replace them as necessary, smoke alarms are always a valuable tool to have on hand.