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3 Tips for Handling Water Damage During Construction

8/24/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment set to remove moisture in a home Decrease humidity at the site with fans, and dehumidifiers. For best results, bring water damage repair specialists to handle the situation.

Three Tips for Dealing with Water Damage During Construction

Although a water pipe repair can protect your property from strong damage, it can be more difficult to execute when your Mesa Grande, AZ, the building is under construction. The process can delay the project and increase costs due to the additional repair, renovation, and material replacement. The following tips can help you prevent most types of water damage or respond to them effectively. 

1. Detect and Address Potential Problems

Water-based disasters can be caused by a variety of situations. The best way to protect the construction project is by preventing these incidents in the first place. Ensure a quality control program is established before work starts to account for any scenarios. During the process, a dedicated internal team or group of experts should actively monitor and repair any issues. They should consider both interior and exterior damage sources as the construction progresses. 

2. Build the Piping Early or Before Construction

Water pipe repair is sometimes necessary because some tool, debris or another object damaged the pipes. One strategy that can avert this problem is the installation and testing of piping before any major work starts. The installers can avoid the obstacles of ongoing construction and reduce the possibility of defects. Additionally, the builders can work around the pipes without major conflict. Finally, the damage risk is minimized since there will be little work completed at the time. 

3. Respond to Flooded Areas and Other Issues

Reducing danger throughout the worksite is important, but precipitation, a broken pipe or another unforeseen event can still damage the building. A prepared and fast response can prevent major losses. Clear as many materials as possible and remove standing water with vacuums or other devices. Decrease humidity at the site with fans, dehumidifiers, and towels. For best results, bring water damage repair specialists to handle the situation. 

Even after a water pipe repair or a similar resolution, commercial damage situations can severely affect the building efforts. Collaborate with the construction workers and other specialists to remedy and prevent these incidents. 

4 Ways To Identify and Keep Plumbing Problems at Bay

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

Burst and rusty pipe When you have discolored and rusty pipe in your Mesa Grande, AZ company call your experts.

4 Ways to Spot Plumbing Issues and Prevent Them

Water damage most often occurs when problems exist in a company’s plumbing. If left unattended, anything from a broken pipe to a faulty water main can end in costly repairs and require the services of a water damage mitigation specialist. Business owners should understand these risks and take steps to avoid them.

1. Look for Signs of Plumbing Problems

The most common signs that your company has a plumbing problem include:

  • Water that is extremely cloudy or shows coloration
  • Discolored or rusting pipes
  • Weak water flow and slow drainage
  • Water bills that spike for no known reason
  • Bubbling wall or ceiling paint
  • Unpleasant sewer odors

If you notice any of these signs, you have a plumbing problem and should contact a plumber immediately.

2. Employ the Services of a Good Plumber

As a business owner in Mesa Grande, AZ, you should employ the services of a reliable, professional plumber who can provide 24-hour emergency service if needed. It’s a good idea to employ a plumber experienced in your kind of business and who knows the kinds of plumbing problems you’re most apt to encounter.

3. Include Plumbing Maintenance in Your Company’s SOP

Coordinate regular maintenance visits with your plumber. An experienced plumber will be able to inspect your entire premises, assess the condition and potential plumbing problems, and provide recommendations on the best way to fix the problems.

4. Watch Your Water Bill

An unexpected spike in your water bill or a steady increase from month to month can indicate a hidden leak in your water system. Keep in mind that water bills generally peak in the summer with outdoor activities. Filling a swimming pool and maintaining a garden watering system will naturally result in larger water bills. If you find discrepancies in your bills, contact your plumber to take a look.

Being proactive and working with a professional plumber to identify and fix problems helps reduce the risk of your business being drowned in major water damage.